With more live music venues per capita than anywhere else in the nation, Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World. Listen closely and you’ll hear the sounds of more than 1,900 bands and performing artists living in and around our city. We have scoured the city for some of those bands and are happy to showcase a cross-section of the up-and-coming Austin bands for your enjoyment. Right in the middle of it you will find our own Dope’n’Stack with a number of surprise appearances. Check them out here

Drew Davis

Drew Davis is a multi-talented singer-songwriter who plays the keys and leads vocals. The youngest musician ever to play at National Women’s Music Festival, she has released three full-length albums with original work. Her music has been used on several MTV and Showtime shows as well as a blockbuster French movie starring Juliette Binoche. It features modern R&B stylings, jazz influences, gospel influences, a subtle use of vocal harmony and heavy melodic ornamentation. Check out Drew’s website for more information and his soundcloud for some music.

Emily Bell

Watching Emily Bell roll a crowd under her thumb within minutes of taking the stage, it is evident she is full of both sophisticated soul and strutting rock ’n’ roll. On her debut album “In Technicolor”, Bell corralled her Debbie Harry sass, Mick Jagger sizzle and Diana Ross prowess into nine cuts that cross tracks laid through Delta blues, ‘60s rock, girl-group glam and Motown power. After she opened for Texas singer-songwriter Hayes Carll, he declared, “She’ll knock you down, burn up the stage and leave you asking for more.” Check out Emily’s website for more information and her Spotify and for soundcloud for some music.

Emily Wolfe

Categorized as lush rock 'n' roll, the San Francisco native has wowed at many Austin venues. Listed as a top 5 artist to watch at SXSW by NPR, Emily Wolfe brings an intimate feel to the stage with her creative lyrics and smooth sound. Her spellbinding vocals and powerful mastery of the guitar keep crowds enticed and coming back for more. Check out Emily’s website for more information and her Spotify and soundcloud for some music.

Eric Tessmer Band

Loved by audiences throughout the world, Eric Tessmer Band has demanded the attention and respect of fans of all ages. With a background based firmly in electric Blues, Psychedelic Rock of the late 60s/early 70's and the energy of the Punk scene, Eric Tessmer Band puts on a show that is like no other. Check out Eric’s website for more information and his Spotify and soundcloud for some music.

Migrant Kids

They say family bands are the best type of bands because the chemistry is incomparable. With two cousins that have been playing music together for fifteen years, the trio has been touring non-stop, writing and following their collective dream ever since their debut album was released. They are currently incorporating the likes of Madonna, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson--trying to create and maintain what they have coined as psychedelic jungle rock! Check out Migrant Kids’s website for more information and their Spotify and soundcloud for some music.

Mike and the Moonpies

If you are a fan of old school country music and its variants and influences, you will love to see Mike and the Moonpies live. They consistently draw diverse young crowds to some of Austin’s favorite venues. The band is best seen watching patrons two-step with a whiskey in hand! Check out Mike and the Moonpies’s website for more information and their Spotify and soundcloud for some music.

Mrs. Glass

Mrs. Glass' unique musical style can be categorized as a fusion between rock, pop, and Delta blues. He has been heard on many stages throughout Texas, including multiple radio shows, private events and a successful SXSW showcase. Mrs. Glass relocated to Austin, TX after Katrina in 2005, and has since written "NOLA" about his experience. Mrs. Glass is "a sharp-dressed picker with a deep microphone moan" (Austin Chronicle). Check out Mrs. Glass’s website for more information and his Spotify for some music.

The Grooves

The Grooves have become a favorite among Texas bands, performing all styles of music to rave audiences in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and across Texas. They will take you back in time to the Sixties with their great cover songs.

Young Tongue

Austin's indie rock fivesome has made their mark. Showcasing the band’s biting punk chords with the lead singer’s smooth indie harmonies as a counterbalance, . As a local newspaper perfectly described Young Tounge, "Austinites like to “keep it weird,” and Young Tongue certainly keeps that ethos alive in their music. Oddly danceable, progressive and lyrical enveloping at the same time..." Check out Young Tongue’s website for more information and their Spotify and soundcloud for some music.

An Epic image_description Community Festival for Stackers


For years the Austin comedy scene has grown rapidly and produced some of the funniest comics today, with increasing numbers writing and performing for hit TV shows and making appearances at major comedy festivals. Come see where the magic starts to happen!

Ella Gale

Ella regularly performs stand up comedy around (and sometimes out of) town. Originally from Colorado, Ella currently resides in Austin, Texas, where she plies her brainy comedy on a near-nightly basis. A sharp, witty writer, she tries to keep her nerdiest jokes a little dirty and vice versa. She has performed at the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest, and at the Moontower Comedy Fest in April 2016. Check out Ella’s website for more information.

Brendan K. O’Grady

A native of southern California, Brendan K. O’Grady first honed his bright, playfully sharp style of stand-up on the mean streets of Austin’s open mic scene. Now he is a regularly-featured performer at comedy clubs and theaters all over town, and has even performed at Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, New Orleans’ Hell Yes Fest! and Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Brian Gaar

Brian Gaar is another Austin-based comedian and TV host. He hosts the daily comedy show ATX Uncensored(ish) on The CW Austin and has a featured show on Hulu. Brian can be heard on the Raw Dog comedy channel on SiriusXM and was named one of the funniest people on Twitter by Playboy and Paste magazines. Brian performs standup all over the country and has performed at South By Southwest Comedy, the Moontower Comedy Festival, Out Of Bounds and the NC Comedy Arts Festival. Check out Brian’s website for more information.

Mac Blake

Mac Blake comes from the bearded streets of Austin, TX. He has performed at the New Faces of Comedy Showcase at Just for Laughs Montreal, SXSW Comedy, the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival, Funny or Die’s Oddball Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival and more. In 2013, he won the Funniest Person in Austin contest. Mac is a regular performer at ColdTowne Theater and is one of the producers of the Austin Sketch Festival. Check out Mac’s website for more information.

Chris Tellez

Chris is well known for his storytelling style that has garnered the attention of comedy audiences and club owners alike. His dark, dry wit captivates crowds of all sizes. He has been featured on comedy festivals including Moontower, Dallas Comedy Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest and has opened for such acts as Kyle Kinane, Sean Patton, Steve Rannazzisi, Baron Vaughn, Vic Henley and more. Check out Chris’s website for more information.


Give your guests a ticket to hilarity through Improv Theatre! Our classic private show provides you with a talented cast of improv comedians and a musician, and will involve audience members in either interactive games and scenes, or a full-length improvised play or movie. It’s a spontaneous one of a kind show you won’t get anywhere else. The troupe will also work with you on the front end to make sure the show goes along with any conference theme or buzz words you may have. And no worries if you can’t come to our theatre we can come to you and create show at any venue.

Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam can entertain people of all ages with comedy, poetry, and comical poetry that is relatable to the audience at hand. We love making people think, laugh, and feel better about themselves after experiencing our creation. Grab a chair, sit back, relax and enjoy some live performance poetry!