Comedy @ Bungalow

7:30pm-7:50pm Ella Gale
8:00pm-8:20pm Brian Gaar
8:30pm-8:50pm Brendan K. O’Grady
9:00pm-9:20pm Mac Blake
9:30pm-9:50pm Chris Tellez
10:00pm-10:20pm Jon Mendoza

Poetry & Improv @ Lucille’s

7:30pm-7:45pm Poetry Slam (set 1)
8:00pm-8:15pm Improv (set 1)
9:30pm-9:45pm Poetry Slam (set 2)
10:00pm-10:15pm Improv (set 2)
10:15pm-10:30pm Poetry Slam (set 3)

Southern Rock @ Bangers

7:00pm-8:15pm Eric Tessmer Band
9:15pm-10:30pm Mrs. Glass

Singer-Songwriter @ Clive

7:15pm-8:30pm Emily Wolfe
9:30pm-10:45pm Drew Davis

Country/Western @ Blackheart

7:30pm-8:45pm Mike and the Moonpies (set 1)
9:30pm-10:45pm Mike and the Moonpies (set 2)


An Epic image_description Community Festival for Stackers

Alternative Rock / Indie @ Icenhauers

7:30pm-8:45pm Migrant Kids
9:30pm-10:45pm Young Tongue

Classic 60s @ Half Step

7:00pm-8:15pm The Grooves (set 1)
9:15pm-10:30pm The Grooves (set 2)

Blues Rock @ Lustre Pearl

7:00pm-8:15pm Emily Bell (set 1)
9:15pm-10:30pm Emily Bell (set 2)

Play with the Pros @ Javelina

7:00pm-8:15pm (set 1)
9:15pm-10:30pm (set 2)