Container Bar sponsored by Canonical
Keep Austin Weird

If you think you have seen it all, make sure to visit. Toast will never be the same for you. Find the connection between dinosaurs and succulents - at least in Austin. Marvel at your voice when you sing along with the DJ. Rediscover the old Arcade playing Pacman and Space Invaders, or try your hand at the original Donkey Kong and rock the pinball machine.

A great example of adaptive reuse, the Container Bar is completely made of repurposed shipping containers. The bar can be disassembled and moved somewhere else at the drop of a hat. Not that you would want that. Because, as it turns out, it was named one of the top 25 insanely unique bars you need to drink at by BuzzFeed. So go and do that!

And don’t forget to have some food, as well. We are sure you can eat Breakfast Tacos at night. And then have some more Snow-Cone Cocktails to cool you down. You can do anything in Austin, as long as you keep it weird.

Clive Bar sponsored by IBM
The Lone Star

You know you are in the right place when the Longhorn blinks its eyes at you. Really. And cowboy hats are everywhere. There might even be one for you - custom fit and light enough for summer. Then grab your beer to chill out in the relaxed vibe of this Austin icon. If that is not your style, amble over to the Mezcal bar to get an insight into the cocktails mixed just for the evening by one of the acclaimed authorities on Mezcal in Austin.

Once you are sufficiently mellow, you want to secure a space in the backyard as the music starts playing. As big as Texas, the powerful vocals of our music selections will pull you in and not let you go. Emily Wolfe and her band will be first up to rock the stage. We will give you a break long enough to come back to planet earth before Drew Davis will reach out and calm your soul. It does not get much better than this.

Or maybe it does. Find the guys and gals with the BBQ and grab some brisket. With BBQ sauce and cole slaw and something to drink. And now it does not get any better!


Rainey Street is StackCity

Icenhauer’s sponsored by Cisco
Austin Art

Original Art - check. Light Art installations - check. Community Art projects - check. Not your standard art gallery, Icenhauer’s offers you a peek at Austin’s idiosyncratic art scene. Feel like Picasso as you draw your own light art pieces to take home with you. Model for the resident community artist and become part of the landscape. Meet local artists, see their art and maybe even win an original art piece to take home.

As funky as the art scene is the music. “Just place your mind within an ethereal realm powered by the natural elements, vibrations, and atmospheres”, as you listen to Migrant Kids. Stick around for Young Tongue, “oddly danceable, progressive and lyrical enveloping at the same time”.

Nibble on the beef short ribs as you try out the cocktails especially made with locally sourced spirits by the owner-mixologist at Icenhauer’s. Or just chill as you marvel at the interplay of the light with the trees on the porch.

Banger’s sponsored by Red Hat
Armadillo beware

Beer and Sausage - the Germans always knew that they were meant to be together. So do the guys and gals at Banger’s. Grab your choice from a wide selection of sausages and pair it with Red Rock Red Ale beer, especially brewed for Red Hat by Austin Beer Works. Have some fried pickles to go with that, too. Then check out the Armadillo … not only the big one at the entrance, but also the slightly smaller ones. If you feel like you would like to race them against each other, go ahead and enter the fray. Just remember, there is a reason Armadillos are related to sloths.

The other thing beer goes well with is Rock’n Roll. But it cannot be just any Rock, it has to be Blues Rock. At Banger’s, we will start you in the deep end with Eric Tessmer and his band. A blues rock guitarist through and through, he has been working hard for more than 15 years to give fans goosebumps not only in his Austin home, but worldwide. Known for his “face-melting guitar solos”, he will stop you from dancing and have you watch because it’s so incredible. Make sure you continue breathing. Then you are good and ready for Mrs. Glass, who “is like throwing a fit and setting your lover’s car on fire. He plays seated because, lordy, he couldn’t sing and strum any harder if he tried.”

Half Step sponsored by Intel
Possibly Dazed but not confused

The Sixties were an incredible time. Style was gauged by the size of your bell-bottoms and the number of colours in your clothes, art was funky and psychedelic and technology was simple and straighforward. Man went to the moon. And back. Oh, yes, and Lava Lamps. Enough said.

Join us for a trip down memory lane (or back in history, dependent on your birth date). Chat with our roving bartenders to have them create a cocktail based on your personality, which you sip on while checking out what made the Sixties so special. Do you miss the food you grew up with? We have it all ready for you to relive the glory days. Or experience what your parents were telling you about.

There is more - if you are in early enough, you could score some great giveaways to really put you in a Sixties mood. Grab your cinch-sack, put your groovy new t-shirt on and skip the light fandango to the classic tunes from The Grooves, bathed in the reflected glory of the disco light. Just dance!

Lustre Pearl sponsored by Superuser

Lustre Pearl is one of the original houses converted into a bars in this district, and though the original has since relocated to the Eastside, the new two story venue has the best views of downtown on its rooftop deck and will be host to Superuser for the evening. The party will feature a few of the local Stacker favorites, including catering from one of the best food trucks in town, a miniature animal petting zoo, Chicken Shit Bingo, and hula hoops reminiscent of the original Lustre Pearl's backyard. Former "Best New Austin Act" Emily Bell will be taking the stage.

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Blackheart sponsored by NetApp

The Blackheart of Rainey Street is all about the simple pleasures that make life worth living. Sipping cold cocktails on hot front porches. Slow-turning ceiling fans. Stetsons. Inspiration scrawled on cocktail napkins. Deep Belly Laughter … all of which it has ready for you. With Bourbon Whiskey. And Rodeo.

Ok. That was not true. We really could not bring the rodeo to Rainey Street. Believe us, we tried. However, we did manage to bring you the next-best thing: A mechanical bull. For you to ride. And we have something even better: A professional bull-rider to give you tips. He will set the bar in style for you to beat and will give you hints and tips on what it takes to be cool as you go for your own ride. Show some style!

When you have had your workout on the mechanical bull, we have some great Austin BBQ to bring back your energy. Which you will need for Mike and the Moonpies’, the “well-oiled Honky-Tonk machine”, playing for y’alls delight. Yeehaw!

Bungalow sponsored by HPE
Tuesday Night Live

We know. The Moontower Comedy Festival just finished in Austin when the OpenStack Summit starts. It is a real shame. All those great acts and they did not stick around to feature as Summit speakers. So. We thought we might put on our own little comedy festival. Your personal catchup-session. Just for you.

Unwind as you watch our comedians from the back patio with a chilled beer. Or just pinch one of the fantastic offerings from Hey Cupcake.

Alternatively, make your own entertainment and play one of the table-top games with your best friends.. It’s just like your own backyard party. If it had 300 friends. Or more. And comedy. Exactly like your backyard. Right?

Lucille sponsored by Women of OpenStack, powered by Red Hat
Poetry Slam

Hammocks. Leafy trees. Chandeliers. Lucille’s sophisticated patio lounge is the place to take it easy and stay a while. Maybe take on a bit of strenuous activity like tossing a bean bag or playing on the putting green.

Or just sit and listen. Because Austin is not only home to fantastic music and comedy, but also to nationally award-winning poetry slam teams. Some of these poets are here for your slamming pleasure. Thoughtful, funny, always heartfelt and definitely worth lending an ear to.

When the poets (and you) need to take a breather, one of Austin’s local Improv troupes will take the stage. Spontaneous, off the cuff, you will never know what is coming your way. Settle in and sip on your cucumbertini.
Javelina sponsored by OPNFV
Playin’ with the Pros

Javelina takes its cues from neighborhood ice houses, hill country beer joints and historic dance halls. If you had to throw a label at it we’d call it Hill Country Soul located downtown. Javelina is a venue for everybody to enjoy, with its open space and outside stage, set up just for you.

Are you in the mood to show of your rad singing skills? Do you know your way around a keyboard? Feel like a solo on the guitar? The Pros at Javelina are waiting for you! Let us (and them) know what you want to play and we will slot you into the program for the evening. With a list of more than 200 songs in their repertoire, they will make you shine on the stage. Instruments are available for you or just bring your own. Go to Survey Page to put in your details, preferred song, instrument and time for your gig and we will be in touch to coordinate.

Bar 96 sponsored by SwiftStack
Taco Baby

Laid-back, breezy, and fresh. Not your typical sports bar. But it still has the sports. And the great beer. With Taco Baby in its back yard, come to Bar 96 for your slice of Taco Heaven.